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Fall Session 2023

September 12th through November 21st

Free trial piano classes are:

September 5th and 6th (for am class)

Preschool Piano

Tuesday Evenings


(No class on Halloween)

Wednesday Mornings


$150 for the fall session, $120 for siblings

*Morning class session dates: September 13th through November 15th

 Kinder Piano 

Tuesday Evenings

(No class on Halloween)

$170 for the fall session, $136 for siblings

Big Kid Pian0

(*45 minute class)

Tuesday Evenings

(No class on Halloween)

$200 for the fall session, $160 for siblings

Group Piano Lessons

Years ago, Ms. Libby noticed a need for age-appropriate piano lessons for preschool-age children. Although there are plenty of talented piano teachers available, there wasn't a play-based class that catered to the way very young children learn. With Ms. Libby's years of experience teaching early-childhood education and her background in music, she decided to provide a fun "starter pack" step-up program of group piano lessons that teach children the basic concepts of piano and prepares them for private lessons. Each step: (Beginner Piano, Kinder Piano and Big Kid Piano), helps transition very young children from learning through mostly games and preschool-related activities to finally sitting at a large sized keyboard for most of the lesson. After completing even one of the levels, he or she will be in a better position to start one-on-one private lessons!

Alternatively, perhaps your child is an athlete and has shown interest in an instrument but ongoing private lessons is too much of a commitment? Ms. Libby's group sessions offer an opportunity to give piano a try without a long (and expensive!) commitment. 

Ms. Libby will evaluate your child's learning level if she feels that they would benefit from a class level different from their age group. 

 Lessons are by sessions of 10-week increments, (except for the summer session, which is 6 weeks).

Preschool Piano  (ages 3.5 - 5)

  • Identifying High and Low Sounds
  • Identifying Long and Short Sounds
  • Introduction to the Grand Staff (Treble and Bass Clefs)
  • Introduction to Quarter and Half Notes
  • Introduction to the Piano and the Corresponding Letters (Notes) of the Middle C Scale
  • Learning Finger Dexterity
  • Introduction to Reading Music, specifically Middle C, D and E
  • This class spends 1/4 of the time at the keyboards, and 3/4 of the time with piano learning games

Kinder Piano  (ages 5-7)

  • *Reinforce/Introduce concepts from Preschool Piano 
  • Introduce beat values for music notes, emphasis on quarter and half notes
  • Introduce left hand play on the Bass Clef
  • Improve sight reading, introduction to Bass Clef notes Middle C, B and A
  • This class spends 1/2 of the time at the keyboards, and 1/2 of the time with piano learning games

Big Kid Piano   (7-10) 

Book required

*45 minute class*

  • *Reinforce/Introduce concepts from Beginner Piano and Kinder Piano classes
  • Reinforce beat counts for quarter and half notes, work on counts for eighth and whole notes
  • Start playing music without the letter guide (tells them which note to play)
  • Introduce tempo and time signatures
  • Introduce piano playing with both hands
  • Follow along with a piano book at home like a one-on-one lesson
  • This class spends most of the time at the keyboards, and maybe a piano learning game, depending upon time


$15 per week for Preschool Piano

$17 per week for Kinder Piano

$20 per week for Big Kid Piano (*45 minute class)

All siblings receive a 20% discount.  Payment for session due in full on or before the first class.

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