Ms. Libby's Music Class
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Ms. Libby's Music Class

  Educating Little Ones Through Music!

 Group Piano Lessons 

Located at:
Stonebridge Church
201 Meriwether Lewis Dr.
O'Fallon, MO 63368

With Ms, Libby, kids absorb and retain the very first musical concepts needed for learning an instrument through songs and games. There are 3 levels that your children can complete. Beginner Piano, Piano 2, and Piano 3. After completing even one of the levels, he or she will be in a better position to start one-on-one private lessons!

 Lessons are by semester in 10-week increments, except for the summer session, which is 6 weeks. I am flexible with ages!

*To insure retention of the material and manageability, classes are limited to 8 students 

Beginner Piano - (ages 3.5 - 6)

  • Identifying High, Middle, and Low Sounds on the Piano
  • Identifying Long and Short Sounds
  • Introduction to the Grand Staff (Treble and Bass Clefs)
  • Introduction to Quarter and Half Notes
  • Introduction to the Piano and the Corresponding Letters (Notes) of the Middle C Scale
    • Learning Finger Dexterity
    • Introduction to Reading Music
  • Introduction to Eighth and Whole Notes 

Piano 2 - (ages 4-7)

  • Reinforce concepts learned in Beginner Piano course
  • Introduce beat values for music notes, emphasis on quarter and half notes
  • Introduce left hand play
  • Improve sight reading 

Piano 3 - (5-8)

  • Reinforce concepts learned in Beginner Piano and Piano 2
  • Reinforce beat counts for quarter and half notes, work on counts for eighth and whole notes
  • Start playing music without the letter guide, telling them which note to play
  • Introduce tempo
  • Introduce Bass clef notes for the left hand (focus is on mastery with Treble clef, though)
  • Follow along with a piano book at home like a one-on-one lesson

Summer 2019 Session

Piano 2 (Wednesdays) June 12th- July 31st
Beginner Piano (Thursdays) June 13th- August 1st

*Free Trial Class for Beginner Piano on:

 Thursday, June 6th from 3:00-3:30pm

*Free Trial Class for Piano 2 on:

Wednesday, June 5th from 5:30-6:00pm

Beginner Piano Summer Session Class times offered:

Thursdays - 3:00-3:30pm


Thursday class- June 13, 20, (no class 6/27 or 7/4), July 11, 18, 25, August 1 

Piano 2 Summer Session Class times offered:

Wednesdays- 5:30-6:00pm


Wednesday class- June 12, 19, (no class 6/26) July 3 (no class 7/10), 17, 24, 31

*No Piano 3 offered this summer

On the last class of each session, we do a fun “show and tell” for family and friends, so you can see what we've learned!

Please contact Ms. Libby for more details or register through the link at the top of the Sign-Up/Register Page.

Learning music can be an abstract concept for very young children, but through songs, games, puppets and practice, Ms. Libby makes learning easier and fun!

Class Details

  • Ages 3.5-8, depending upon the class
  • $15 per Lesson for first child, $10 per lesson for any additional children, 
  •  Full session payment due on the first class after free trial

  • First Class Is a Free “Try It Out” Class
  • 30 minute Classes
  • 10 week Sessions (6 week session for summer)