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Drum Rockstars
(ages 8 and up)
Fridays 4:45-5:30pm 
Free Trial class June 7th

Session dates: June 14th through July 19th

Drummers will learn skills involving rhythm, music note values, and being  the backbone of a song. Mr. Tim will teach popular songs as the group plays along as well as other fun games and drumming exercises.  In this 45  minute class, your child will use a practice drum pad with the opportunity taking turns to learn to play a real drum kit!



Rockin' Rhythms 


Summer Session 2024



Free trial June 7th

Session dates: June 14th through July 19th 

Is your kiddo interested in drums?

Mr. Tim Piper has 35 years of experience on the drums and is excited about sharing his knowledge with your children! Rockin' Rhythms is a silly and fun beginner class that will introduce your child to many aspects of drumming. The kids will be learning about rhythms and beat patterns through games and songs with a hand drum for each child in class. Mr. Tim will also use rhythm sticks or other fun props to demonstrate rhythmic ideas. 

Mr. Tim has 3 boys of his own and is amazing with children. We love having him on the staff at the studio!

(If you're looking for private drum lessons for your child, head over to the private lesson page and sign up for one-on-one instruction!)

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