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Jenna Gorka

Piano, Ukulele and Voice Lessons 

In addition to teaching many music classes and group lessons alongside Ms. Libby,  the amazing Jenna offers private lessons as well! Check out her availability below.


Tim Piper

Drum Lessons

Tim Piper joins the studio with 31 years of drumming experience. He has been a studio drummer and worked with live bands during his career. A husband and father of 3 young boys, he loves working with kids and brings his fun and silly teaching style to every lesson! He specializes in ear training and will guide your child through the keys of keeping a steady beat as he moves to more advanced drum concepts. We're so excited to have Mr. Tim at Ms. Libby's studio!

Chris Miller

Piano, Guitar and Bass Guitar

Chris Miller is a seasoned musician with decades of experience playing piano, guitar and bass guitar (among other instruments!). With a focus on music theory, he takes a more traditional approach to teaching, stressing the fundamentals as he instructs you/your child to success on an instrument!

John Varwig

John received his Bachelor's in Music Education from the Music Conservatory at Wheaton College, and his Masters of Music from Webster University. Before retiring in 2011, he taught in the Francis Howell school district for 26 years and taught children K through 12 grades in general and choral music. 

John is excited to teach again, and has always loved working with students. He looks to his teaching to encourage his students in both their love of music and the enjoyment of life to the fullest!

Peter Shea

Peter began his piano journey with lessons at the young age of 6 and continued mastering his craft into college. He many years of study allowed him to begin teaching lessons at the age of 14, and transfer his love of piano to others. Peter is always looking for ways to make piano lesson fun and engaging for students. In his many years of playing piano, he has won superior ratings multiple times in MAMA's virtuoso category, performed multiple gold rated solos at the district and state level, in the Solo and Small Ensemble Categories, and has performed in multiple state-level concert bands including the Iowa Band Association Conference. His experience in piano has given him the ability to thrive both musically and academically. Peter believes that piano lessons teach students time management, studying skills/practice techniques and patience. 

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