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Ms. Libby is very committed to bringing music education to children in the St. Charles/St. Louis MO area. 

She often says, “Working with children brings me so much joy. I love them and they love me!! That’s all there is to say.” 

Read the following testimonials to learn what people say about her classes. (And these are only the few people that were asked for a review!;)

What a wonderful program Ms. Libby provides for the children. All of our students love when it is Music Day here at Wonder Years Preschool. I have personally known and worked with Libby over the past eighteen years. Libby is an energetic and caring individual. The program is personalized for different age groups to keep all ages interested. She provides a perfect learning atmosphere with hands-on music and gross motor activity for the children. Some of their favorite parts would have to be her opening song and definitely when she plays her guitar. Don't miss out!!!

- Tracey Brown, Owner of The Wonder Years Preschool

I highly recommend Ms. Libby! My preschool students were so excited and engaged in

learning, we can't wait until our next class.

- Melissa Short, Director of Immaculate Conception Dardenne Parish Preschool

I cannot recommend Ms. Libby enough! She's so sweet and she keeps the kids so engaged in what she's teaching! My daughter took group lessons and Libby also came to the kids' school. My 1 Year-Old was completely smitten by her and my 4 year-old thrived in her lessons. We unfortunately had to move away from the area, but the 4 year-old still asks about Ms. Libby all the time and wishes she could still see her and go to lessons.

- Danielle Sharrard

Ms. Libby comes to our preschool and we absolutely love music days! The kids love to sing and dance and they sing her songs all the time as they are just playing. We pay for her to come twice a month because we believe music is so important to children's development.

-Laura Klos, Director of Great Beginnings Daycare Center

Ms. Libby came to Brentwood Parks and Recreation's Teddy Bear Picnic and was the highlight of the event. Even on a hot July afternoon, everyone had a blast! The tunes were catchy and even the adults found themselves dancing and singing along. We would absolutely book her for future events!

-Allison Koger, Brentwood Parks and Recreation

Ms. Libby is always a favorite in-house field trip of ours! Her songs keep our students and teachers very engaged! We look forward to her visits every summer!

Allie Zamkus, Director of Kiddie Academy O'Fallon

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